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Vogue Bike wants you to enjoy the best, most comfortable cycling experience

Since 2007 the Europe Cycle Company BV, brand name Vogue Bike, is your specialist in electric bicycles. For 15 years we have been successfully producing the best e-bikes and e-bikes for the European market. Our bikes can be found within our wide network of authorized dealers, also in your area. Quality, convenience, appearance and affordability is what we stand for.

Vogue Bike stands for quality, durability and convenience. At the same time, we believe that electric bicycles should be affordable and fun for everyone. At our authorized dealers, both on location and online, you will therefore find a wide range of e-bikes and e-bikes


Europe Cycle Company's mission is to make cycling accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We want to help people express their own style through our colorful and contemporary bikes. By using sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes and working with local suppliers, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment and community. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and building long-term relationships with our customers.


Europe Cycle Company's vision is to inspire people to enjoy the freedom and adventure that cycling offers. We want to promote a culture of sustainable mobility through trendy, quality and affordable bikes that put a smile on everyone's face. We want to encourage people to exercise more, challenge themselves and discover new places on bikes.

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Experience pure driving pleasure

Not everyone is a born cyclist. The electric bicycle is a fine solution for many people. You arrive at work or school well-rested, you are no longer bothered by headwinds and you use your time efficiently. In addition, you can easily adjust the e-bike or e-bike of Vogue Bike to your own preferences. Adjusting the electric bike and making a test ride is no problem at our dealers. Experience now the comfort and convenience of an e-bike. Enjoy years of pure riding pleasure.

The first electric bike takes some getting used to for many people, and we totally understand that. That is why we at Vogue Bike rely on your experience when you are about to choose an e-bike or e-bike. Discover in your own way how the electric bike makes your life a little more beautiful.

At Vogue Bike, we believe that quality, design and affordability go hand in hand. We believe: the better your bike, the more often you cycle!
Thus, a Vogue Bike gives you the pleasure of cycling every day.

Personal attention

The Netherlands is a cycling country par excellence. Cycling gives us a sense of freedom and space to go where we want to go. In addition, we are doing something healthy with every kilometer we make. Because the Dutch like to spend short and long distances on their bikes, comfort is an important pillar.

Vogue Bike electric bicycles are completely customized to your personal needs. The right height, depth and other functionalities ensure a bike that fits you exactly.

Vogue Bike's e-bikes and e-bikes are available in different variants. We have a large network of authorized dealers who know all about the advantages of Vogue both via the Internet and on location.


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