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The improved e-bike of and for the future

E-bikes are on the rise. Not only in the Netherlands as a traditional cycling country, but also in countries where cycling is not so "common" at all, people are discovering the advantages of the electric bike. E-bikes offer comfort and convenience for short and long distances. However, much about the e-bike is still unknown, such as the target group, the functional properties and the technical possibilities. Did you already know that about half of all bicycles sold today are electric? And that's only going to increase.

E-bike target groups

The electric bicycle exclusively for the elderly? Certainly not. More and more (young) adults and young people are switching to the e-bike. The mode of transport is now totally hip, thanks in part to its common models and versatile specs. Modern e-bikes and electric cargo bikes have given the image of the electric bicycle a huge boost. A short ride to the supermarket, cycling to school in the morning or 10 kilometers on the way to work; these are ideal distances for your e-bike. Sales of electric bikes continue to grow, and among a diverse target group. The perfect mode of transportation for you.

Different models

A major reason for the growing popularity of the electric bike is found in the choices available. At Vogue Bike, you will find several models of both the e-bike and electric cargo bike. Each model has its own specs, and there is always an option that fits your preference. Be surprised by all the options.

Benefits Vogue Bike

  • quickly and comfortably at your destination 
  • eco-friendly alternative of the car 
  • physically less stressful than the traditional bicycle
  • healthy: exercise in the outdoors 
  • ideal for bridging various distances 

Position of motor on the e-bike

Depending on the construction of e-bikes, the motor can be found in three different positions: front, center (bottom bracket) and rear. What is the best place for the motor, that depends partly on your personal preference. We briefly list the advantages and disadvantages for you.

Rear wheel motor

This is the most silent motor for e-bikes. This type of motor generates the same cycling experience as a normal bicycle, thanks to the rear-wheel drive. Finally, the e-bike does not "pull" as much, and this makes for a manageable bike ride.

The downside is the dependence on one system: the derailleur system. This requires more maintenance due to wear

Center motor

The center motor is positioned on the bottom bracket, which has a number of practical advantages. For example, the weight distribution is more favorable, while you are more efficient and economical on the road. Easy to use.

Extra: the center motor does not require a rotation sensor, as with the front wheel, to measure how much support the motor should provide to the rider.

Front wheel motor

A motor on the front wheel is basic and sturdy. Big advantage is that this motor can be combined all gear system. You are on the right speed from the first second, regardless of the gear.

Downside is that steering can be somewhat heavier with a front-wheel motor, and that can affect your grip in turns. Front-wheel motor is for every type of cyclist.

Battery: properties, radius, distances, charging

The battery of a pedelec supplies power to the motor. In recent years, both the battery life and the range have improved greatly. It is increasingly suitable for long distances, but of course still for short rides. The range of the e-bike represents the number of miles you can ride on one full battery, without recharging. How do you improve battery life?

  • Store the battery pack at room temperature: do not leave the e-bike outside when it is freezing or extremely hot. 
  • Choose even usage. Avoid a completely full or empty battery for an extended period of time. 
  • Use the authentic charger, which ensures that the battery is properly charged. 

The range of a battery is roughly between 25 and 75 kilometers. Always pay close attention to the number of Wh/Watt hours, as these tell you more about the expected range. Note: the range is usually the maximum power. Differences in altitude, (strong) wind and age of the battery can affect the range.

What type of e-bike suits you?

E-bikes come in countless varieties. Before making a choice, it is important to have in mind what you will use the bike for: short or long distances, transportation, commuting. Then determine what you need most in your specific situation: comfort, speed, stability or sturdiness? 

The e-bikes from Vogue have a front or middle motor. The electric cargo bikes have a front, middle or rear engine. Because the position of the motor in combination with the battery has much influence on the ease of use, you will always receive no-obligation advice about the possibilities. 

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