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Which e-bike suits you best?

Vogue Mestengo

The perfect e-bike for every occasion

An electric bicycle is the ideal means of transport for a beautiful cycling holiday at home or abroad, as part of commuting or simply for short distances. Because everyone uses his or her e-bike for different purposes, it is important to choose a model that matches this. Select your electric bike based on frame, battery and range. Also discover the conditions and warranty at Vogue.

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High-quality components

Passion and eye for style

Quality makes the difference. Thanks to a modern design, high-quality components and subtle extras, you can enjoy a pleasant and stylish ride. At Vogue Bike a lot of attention is paid to safety. As a result, every electric bicycle has an advanced braking system, optimal lighting at the front and rear, and a functional frame. Our e-bikes distinguish themselves in the ultimate look & feel.  

You are always comfortable on the road with an e-bike. At Vogue Bike you will find the e-bike or e-cargo bike that suits you. With pedal assistance and a functional design, you ensure that you arrive at your destination rested and fit. Regardless of the price range, we have a wide choice of electric bicycles. The high-quality components ensure a balanced e-bike, suitable for different types of users. Also experience the best cycling comfort and versatile performance of Vogue e-bikes. 

† Durable components

† High range

† Sporty, modern design

† sturdy frames

† The best cycling experience 

Welcome to Vogue Bike 

Europe Cycle Company BV under the brand name Vogue Bike is a family business founded in 2007. We have been successfully producing bicycles for the European market through a large dealer network for more than 10 years. We supply e-bikes and e-cargo bikes in various segments. Quality, convenience, appearance and competitive prices is what we stand for. As an organization, Vogue Bike strives for sustainability and convenience on the bike. Our e-bikes and e-cargo bikes are distinguished in appearance, quality and affordable prices for every type of cyclist.