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Making your dreams affordable!

Which e-bike suits you best?

Experience freedom, you choose your path!

With a Vogue Bike, you embrace more than cycling - you embrace freedom, you embrace life. You choose which path to take, at your convenience. It's adventure, relaxation, health and caring for the world all in one.

A Vogue Bike is more than an e-bike, it is the essence of your journey, the joy of living life as you choose.

Carefree enjoyment

Complete relaxation and enjoyment can only be achieved without worry. That's why we offer reliable, high-quality e-bikes designed with attention to detail and built to last. We understand that you invest in an experience, not just a product. That's why every Vogue Bike is more than a bike - it's your partner on the path to a better, more adventurous and healthier life.

  • Durable components
  • High radius of action
  • Sporty, modern design
  • Solid frames

The perfect e-bike for every occasion

Your riding experience goes hand in hand with beauty - with a range of designs to choose from, there is always an e-bike that reflects your personality and compliments your style.

Diablo Bikes

For the daring, the dreamers, the makers. Ready to color outside the lines? Choose a Diablo.

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Vogue Bike

Founded in 2007, Europe Cycle Company BV - known as Vogue Bike - is a proud family business with a rich history spanning more than a decade. Our successful production of bicycles, e-bikes and e-cargo bikes for the European market has been made possible by an extensive network of dedicated dealers. With our emphasis on quality, ease of use, aesthetic appeal and competitive pricing, we strive to offer the best to every cyclist. Vogue Bike is committed to durability and cycling comfort, differentiating ourselves through the unique combination of style, superior quality and affordability we offer. For every cyclist, for every style, there is a Vogue Bike.

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