FAQ: frequently asked questions

Do you have a specific question about the e-bike or e-cargo bike from Vogue? We prefer to help you as soon as possible via our website. View the FAQ and discover the answers to frequently asked questions: general information, the E-bike & E-cargo bike, and Warranty & Maintenance. Is your question not in the overview? We would love to hear about it, because that way we can further improve our service. 

Overige vragen kan je natuurlijk ook altijd stellen tijdens een bezoek aan één van onze dealers bij jou in de buurt.

To our Stores page you will find an overview of all Vogue dealers.

Unfortunately we have no insight on which E-bikes or E-cargo bikes our Vogue dealers in their showroom. It is best to contact your dealer to inquire about their current stock.

To buy the right frame size, it is best to get advice from one of ours Vogue dealers.

Comfort on an electric bicycle is of course important. If you are slightly taller than average, have your bike perfectly adjusted at an authorized Vogue dealer.

We deliver the E-bike or E-cargo bike as shown and described. Any adjustments can be made by our dealers. Ask the Vogue dealer  to the possibilities.

We have a suggested retail price for our E-bike or E-cargo bike. Our Vogue dealers are independent entrepreneurs and determine their own price.

Your Vogue dealer can inform and advise you about this.

The manufacturer's warranty may be due to a different one Vogue dealer be processed. The free maintenance and / or service is not transferable.

E-bike and E-cargo bike

Vogue dealers geven u graag informatie betreft onze E-bikes of E-bakfietsen. Alle info is uiteraard ook te vinden op onze website.

U kunt bij één van onze Vogue dealers inquire whether testing an E-bike or E-cargo bike is possible at their store. In most cases there is room for this at the location itself or in the immediate vicinity.

View our conditions with regard to the warranty on a Vogue E-bike or E-cargo bike here. 

This is certainly possible. For specific advice and / or the correct installation, we would like to refer you to the Vogue dealer in your neighborhood.
For safety we recommend mounting the seat to the stem or seat post. We do not recommend securing child seats only on the rear carrier, as this can lead to overloading and breakage of the carrier, affecting the safety of your child. In this case, we also do not give any guarantee against breakage of the rear carrier.

The mid-engine is located on the bottom bracket, providing the most natural driving experience. The E-bike is stable on the road, and it is suitable for long distances.

The front wheel motor is mounted at the very front of the crankshaft. The motor is slightly lighter in weight, while you experience a little more support while cycling. The E-bike with front wheel motor is very suitable for commuting and shorter distances. The front-wheel motor is slightly cheaper in value compared to the mid-engine.

With the E-cargo bike from Vogue, you can choose from the front wheel, rear wheel or mid-engine. read here more about the possibilities.

Garantie & Onderhoud

You agree maintenance intervals with the dealer. During the warranty period it is customary to have periodic maintenance carried out. Discuss this with the dealer.

The warranty on a Vogue E-bike or E-cargo bike is 2 years. 

No, warranty applies only to the first owner. 

You can return to your E-bike or E-cargo bike Vogue dealer. If they cannot find an answer, they can contact our Service and Warranty Department.

The manufacturer's warranty simply runs through the web shop. The manufacturer's warranty may be provided by another (recognized) Vogue dealer will then be settled by the selling party. If the E-bike or E-cargo bike was not purchased from this Vogue dealer, he may charge labor and service costs here.

Rust formation occurs as a bicycle ages. However, you can prevent this as much as possible:

  • Place the electric bicycle indoors / under the roof as much as possible
  • Rinse dirt residues and salt (on slippery road surfaces) directly from the bicycle with water. Preferably cold
  • Use an old toothbrush or small broom to remove hidden dirt
  • acid-free petroleum jelly, vinegar or silicone spray can keep sensitive parts free from corrosion 

Above all: use the E-bike or E-cargo bike regularly. Do not let it stand for too long and opt for a big spring cleaning after the winter.