Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specific question about Vogue's e-bike or e-bike. We prefer to help you as soon as possible through our website. Check the FAQ and discover the answers to frequently asked questions: general information, the E-bike & E-pakfiets, and Warranty & Maintenance. Is your question not listed? Please let us know, so we can improve our service even further.

Of course, you can always ask other questions during a visit to one of our dealers in your area.

Where can I find a Vogue dealer near me?

On our Dealers page you will find a list of all Vogue dealers.

In which store can I view and/or test drive a particular E-bike or E-bike?

Unfortunately, we have no insight into what E-bikes or E-bikes our Vogue dealers have in their showroom. It is best to contact your dealer to ask about their current stock.

Can I order an E-bike or E-bike or the parts directly from the Vogue factory?

We supply exclusively through our Vogue dealers

What frame size do I need?

To buy the right frame size, it is best to seek advice from one of our Vogue dealers.

Are there any bikes specifically for tall people?

Comfort on an electric bike is obviously important. If you are slightly taller than average, have your bike perfectly adjusted at an authorized Vogue dealer.

Can I have an E-bike or E-bike customized to my desire(s)?

We deliver the E-bike or E-bike as shown and described. Any adjustments can be made by our dealers. Ask the Vogue dealer about the possibilities.

How can there be price differences between certain dealers?

We have a recommended price for our E-bike or E-bike. Our Vogue dealers are independent entrepreneurs and set their own price.

What is the delivery time of an E-bike or E-bike?

Your Vogue dealer can inform and advise you about this.

My dealer no longer exists, now what?

The factory warranty can be handled by another Vogue dealer. The free maintenance and/or service payments are not transferable.

E-bike and e-bike

I would like to know more about your E-bike or E-bike, where can I find more information?

Vogue dealers are happy to give you information regarding our E-bikes or E-bikes. All info can of course also be found on our website.

Can I also test ride an E-bike or E-bike?

You can ask one of our Vogue dealers if testing an E-bike or E-bike is possible at their store. In most cases there is room for this at the location itself, or in the immediate vicinity.

How long do I have warranty on my E-bike or E-bike?

View our terms and conditions regarding the warranty on a Vogue E-bike or E-bike here .

Can a child seat be mounted on a Vogue E-bike?

This is certainly possible. For specific advice and/or proper mounting we would like to refer you to the Vogue dealer near you.
For safety reasons we recommend mounting the seat to the stem or seat post. We do not recommend attaching child seats only to the rear carrier, as this can lead to overloading and breakage of the carrier, thus compromising your child's safety. In this case, we also do not guarantee breakage of the rear carrier.

E-bikes: what's the difference between front and center motors?

The center motor is located on the bottom bracket, and it gives the most natural riding experience. The E-bike is stable on the road, and it is suitable for long distances.

The front wheel motor is mounted at the very front of the bottom bracket. The motor is slightly lighter in weight, while you experience a little more support while cycling. The E-bike with front-wheel motor is very suitable for commuting and shorter distances. The front wheel motor is slightly cheaper in value compared to the middle motor.

E-bike: in what positions is the motor to be found?

With Vogue's e-bike, you have a choice of front-wheel, rear-wheel or center motor. Read more about the options here.

Warranty & Maintenance

What about maintenance during the warranty period?

Servicing is something you agree on with the dealer. During the warranty period, it is common to have periodic maintenance done. Discuss this with the dealer.

How long is the warranty on my Vogue E-bike or E-bike?

The warranty on a Vogue E-bike or E-bike is 2 years. 

Does warranty also apply to a second-hand E-bike or E-bike?

No, warranty applies only to the first owner. 

I have a problem with my Vogue E-bike or E-bike within the warranty period. What should I do?

You can take your E-bike or E-bike back to your Vogue dealer. If they cannot solve the problem, they can contact our Service and Warranty Department.

My warranty period has expired. What should I do if I have a problem with a Vogue E-bike or E-bike?

We recommend checking with your Vogue dealer.

I have moved, where can I have my warranty handled?

For factory warranty handling, please contact a Vogue dealer

If I order my E-bike or E-bike online, what about the warranty?

The factory warranty is simply handled through the online store. The factory warranty can possibly be handled by another (authorized) Vogue dealer than the selling party. If the E-bike or E-bike was not purchased from this Vogue dealer, he can charge labor and service costs here.

How do I prevent rust from forming on the E-bike or E-bike?

Rusting occurs as a bicycle ages. However, you can combat this as much as possible:

  • Place the electric bike inside/under roof as much as possible
  • Rinse debris and salt (if the road surface is slippery) directly off the bike with water. Preferably cold
  • Use an old toothbrush or small sweeper to remove hidden dirt
  • Acid-free petroleum jelly, vinegar or silicone spray can keep sensitive parts free from rusting 

Above all, use the E-bike or E-bike regularly. Don't leave it idle for too long and opt for a major spring cleaning after winter.

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