Vogue Superior 3



Frame material: Aluminium
Support: 5 levels, digital LCD color screen with USB charger
Gears: Shimano Derailleur 7 speed
Engine: AKM
Place engine: rear
Sensor: torque
Battery: 13Ah / 468Wh (LG)
Install battery: under the sofa
Action radius: 50 km
Max.Speed: 25 km/h
Front brake: Disc brakes
Rear brake: Disc brakes
Rims: Double-walled aluminum (700C)
Lighting for: Automatic Led, battery powered
Rear lighting: Automatic Led, battery powered
?Taxable weight: 220 kg?
Colors: Matt-Black-Brown & Matt-Black-Black
Dimensions WxL in cm: 85 x 215

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The Vogue Superior 3 is an affordable e-cargo bike with enough space to easily transport your children. The effective pedal support ensures that you get an extra boost. The Superior 3 has an aluminum frame and a sturdy motor on the rear wheel. The 7-speed Shimano derailleur gear gives you the freedom to choose the level of support yourself. The optimal range of the Vogue Superior 3 is between 50 and 70 kilometers on a full battery, depending on, among other things, the weight you take with you. You will find the digital color display of this e-cargo bike in the middle of the handlebars, making it easy to read. In addition, the display has a USB input for your smartphone to be able to charge on the go.

Vogue Superior 3 with cargo box

The Vogue Superior 3 is a stylish electric cargo bike for use in the city or shorter distances in rural areas. The cargo box offers more than enough space to transport children or to take heavy groceries home from the store. An excellent and stylish choice if you want to take the next step in the field of cargo bikes. The Superior 3 takes design, affordability and efficiency into account.

Frame type

Herenfiets, Unisexfiets

Place engine

Rear engine


Brown, Black