Vogue SLX



Frame material: Aluminum (fine welded)
Support: 5 levels, digital LCD color screen with USB charger (Bafang)
Gears: Shimano 9 speed derailleur
Engine: Bafang M200 (250 Watt)
Place engine: middle
Sensor: torque
Battery: 14.5Ah / 522WH (Samsung)
Install battery: Integrated into the Frame
Action radius: 70-120 km
Max.Speed: 25 km/h
Weight: 23.9 KG
Front fork: Spring (Integrated)
Saddle: velo
Seatpost: springy
Front brake: Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake
Rear brake: Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake
Rims: Double-walled aluminum (700C)
Tyres: Continental
Lighting for: Automatic Led integrated, battery powered
Rear lighting: Automatic Led, battery powered
Key lock: AXA Defender
Loadable weight: 120 KG
Colors: Matt-Black-Grey & Matt-Black-Blue

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Are you looking for a robust e-bike with just a little more functionalities? Then you arrive at the Vogue SLX. This model is equipped with a Shimano 9-speed derailleur gears and motor on the bottom bracket, so that you experience direct pedal support while driving away. The 522WH battery, integrated in the frame, will take you everywhere you want, both on short and long distances. Thanks to the suspension fork and seatpost, you hardly notice any bumps on the road, and you always drive comfortably towards your final destination.

The frame of the Vogue SLX is double-walled aluminum, which is extra resistant to corrosion. Nevertheless, it is wise to store the e-bike indoors as much as possible, in order to protect the frame and the battery against external factors.

Easy boarding on the Vogue SLX

The Vogue SLX is robust and sturdy, but at the same time the 'bare weight' is only 23.9 kg. This means that you can easily take the bike with you wherever you go. Max loadable weight is also 120 kilograms. This gives you the space to transport heavy groceries on the luggage carrier. The Vogue SLX is an easy entry-level low frame model. Experience the convenience and safe properties of this sturdy e-bike.

Frame type

Herenfiets, Unisexfiets

Place engine



Blue, Black