Vogue Elite 7



Frame material: Aluminium
Support: 5 levels, digital LCD display
Gears: Shimano Nexus 7 speed
Engine: AKM
Place engine: For
Sensor: speed
Battery: 13Ah / 468Wh (LG)
Install battery: Luggage carrier
Action radius: 70-120 km
Max.Speed: 25 km/h
Weight: 23.9 KG
Front fork: Fixed (pre-stretch)
Saddle: velo
Seatpost: Fixed
Front brake: Shimano Roller Brake
Rear brake: Shimano Roller Brake
Rims: Double-walled aluminum (700C)
Tyres: Continental
Lighting for: led
Rear lighting: Automatic Led, integrated in the battery
Key lock: AXA Solid
Loadable weight: 120 KG
Colors: Matt-Black, Jeans-Blue & Mint-Blue

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The Vogue Elite 7 is one of our most famous editions of the Vogue e-bike. Shimano Nexus 7 speed gears give you standard options to set your support. In addition, you also have 5 levels of digital support from the digital LCD display. The motor of this electric bicycle can be found on the front wheel. This gives a unique feeling to your bike ride. The motor is silent and functions based on your rotation. This provides a nice combination of pedal assistance and convenience. The brakes are a Shimano Rollerbrake. These are of the highest quality, and also prevent your rims from rusting over time. In addition, all our front-wheel motor e-bikes have a brake light for your safety. The rims are also made of double-walled aluminum, which guarantees years of rust resistance.

Vogue Elite 7: a classic look

Choose the Vogue Elite 7. It is available in three colors: Matt-Black, Jeans-Blue and Mint-Blue. These colors give the bike a beautiful and modern look. Thanks to the modern LED lighting at the front and rear, where the rear lighting is integrated in the battery, you are always visible to other road users. Hit the road in style and enjoy timeless comfort with the Vogue Elite 7 e-bike.

Frame type


Place engine

Front wheel motor




Blue, Green, Black