You can find Vogue Bike regularly at major bicycle trade fairs at home and abroad. Here you can visit our stand, test the e-bike or e-bike yourself, and view our range of electric bicycles. During the events you will also find our brochure with additional information about the product. Find out which bike fair we will be at soon.

Unique experience

During our events we would like to introduce you to the unique experience: cycling on a Vogue e-bike or e-bike. Also in 2024 you can find Vogue Bike at various trade fairs, where you can experience this experience yourself.

Stop by and stay up to date with the latest trends & developments surrounding electric bicycles. During the various bike fairs focused on leisure and mobility, you will personally come into contact with all the possibilities of electric bikes. Experience the full experience with Vogue Bike!

Review of 2019/2020

Velo Follies 2019

Velo Follies 2020

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