For the first time ever, more new electric bicycles have been bought than normal city bicycles. Sales of e-bikes increased by more than 40 percent in 2018. The relatively expensive electric bicycles drive the turnover of the bicycle sector. Last year, a record turnover of 1.22 billion was achieved, the Bovag and RAI Association report.

Bicycle sales are increasing due to favorable conditions

Bicycle sales benefited last year from the booming economy and the long hot summer. It is the first time in four years that the number of bicycles sold has again exceeded a million. The average selling price of a new bicycle in 2017 was 734 euros, thanks to the more expensive electric bicycle, it rose to 1,207 euros.

The popularity of the e-bike comes at the expense of the city bike, the city bike. It is no longer the most sold bicycle type. The share of city bikes sold fell from 42 to 34 percent. 40 percent of all new bicycles now have an electric motor.

More bicycles than residents

Nederland is een fietsland, het enige land ter wereld met meer fietsen dan inwoners. Naar schatting zijn er 23,8 miljoen fietsen wat neerkomt op gemiddeld 1,3 fiets per inwoner. Er rijden inmiddels 2,3 miljoen elektrische fietsen rond. Jaarlijks leggen we zo’n 15,5 miljard kilometer af.


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