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The E-bike has definitively established itself on the bicycle market. Did you know that the electric bicycle is the best-selling bicycle at the moment? At Vogue you choose from various models and designs. We ensure optimal comfort for your next cycling experience, regardless of whether you take the bike for a short or long distance. Enjoy more comfort, quality and a modern design. You can find your E-bike at Vogue.

Advantages of the E-bike

Are you comparing different E-bikes? Then you have various options. Think of the position of the motor on the bicycle, a ladies or gentlemen's model, a city bike or a sporty model. Electric bicycles are now an indispensable part of the street scene, and young and old alike are eager to use them. The main advantages of the E-bike can be found in the comfort, speed and ease with which you are on the road. Enjoy the optimal experience with a stylish model that suits your cycling behavior.

personal advice 

Do you want to buy an E-bike? You don't just make that purchase decision. You want to immediately experience the best model and maximum cycling comfort. For that reason, let us advise you on the properties per model. Choose from the overview above with E-bikes from Vogue, and discover everything about the functionalities and more. We are happy to give you personal advice about all the options, so that you are assured of a bike that suits you.

Meet Vogue

Vogue has been your trusted place for electric bicycles for over 10 years. We believe that an E-bike should be affordable for everyone, while you don't have to compromise on quality and design. We want to give you back the pleasure of cycling in the form of convenience and comfort, because: the better your bike, the more often you cycle! Discover more>

We have a large network of online and physical dealers. For example, it is possible to test our models extensively on location before you purchase your new electric bicycle. You can also search online for your favorite model.

The electric bicycle is hip 

We used to see E-bikes as an investment for older people, but that picture is very different today. The electric version of the bike is suitable for everyone, regardless of the purpose of your next bike tour. Surprising models have ensured that the image of the E-bike has received a significant boost.

Meet the surprisingly modern, stylish range: Vogue.