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E-cargo bike

E-cargo bikes are ideal for transporting your children to school, or for carrying heavy groceries on the bike. Discover the functional and stylish models at Vogue and immediately enjoy more comfort during your next bike ride. The E-cargo bike is completely trendy.

What is the E-cargo bike? 

E-cargo bikes are the next generation of cargo bikes as we have seen them for years. However, the convenience of this electric variant is decisive in your choice. The cargo bike is easy to drive and has a functional design for perfect road holding. Do you still have young children and do you want to transport them to school in a healthy and safe way? Then you choose the E-cargo bike from Vogue. But this is also a suitable solution for carrying heavy groceries or other products. Discover all the possibilities at Vogue. 

Effective on the go

With an electric cargo bike you can get almost anywhere you normally would not go with the standard cargo bike. Thanks to the support of the motor, a high bridge or hill is no longer a problem, even when you are transporting several children at the same time. It is also an ideal means of transport when you want to pick up a large round of groceries. No more problems with parking, and in the open air in a comfortable way.

Stylish models 

With the e-cargo bike, we have a slightly different view of the range. This depends on the loading weight in the box, the current tire pressure and the pace at which you cycle. At Vogue, choose from stylish models to cruise the city. For example, select the Vogue Carry 3 with raised handlebars or the compact Vogue Troy. The electric cargo bike is ideal for heavier transport. Go for optimal functionality and select the e-cargo bike that suits you.

Discover Vogue

At Vogue Bike, we believe in the principle that everyone should be able to enjoy the unique experience of one e-bike or e-cargo bike. We opt for quality, stylish designs and affordability. You will always find Vogue's service points near you. Visit our dealers and find out which model is right for you. Vogue strives for durability and convenience on the bike, and that is reflected in all aspects of our electric e-bikes and e-cargo bikes. Do you want to know more about Vogue? We are here for you.