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More information about the electric bicycle

The e-bike is your preferred means of transport for short and long distances. You receive electrical assistance while cycling, making it easy to drive faster and get to your destination comfortably. From the moment you start pedaling, the sensor emits a signal, after which a certain amount of pedal support is given, appropriate to your desired speed. At Vogue you are cheap.

Buy an e-bike

Are you orienting yourself on a new e-bike or even an e-cargo bike from Vogue? We are happy to tell you everything about the functionalities that an electric bicycle must meet. Which elements make the difference with an e-bike?

  • Range of the electric bicycle
  • Support: pedaling force or rotation
  • Position of the motor (front, center, rear)
  • Weight: important for stability

All of the above factors can play a role in the choice of an e-bike or e-cargo bike. Since this involves technical specifications, it is wise to obtain information without obligation. This is possible through our website or with an affiliated dealer.

Electric bicycle: attractive benefits

What is your main reason for buying an electric bicycle? The e-bike has a number of important advantages over the normal bicycle. Convenience and comfort are important to most people. Cycling outdoors is great, but you don't want to arrive at work or at school exhausted or sweaty. Thanks to the e-bike you get the back support you need to easily cover short and long distances. We make cycling fun again, wherever you go.

Men's & Women's e-bikes

Vogue e-bikes are stylish and elegant. Our models are adapted to your personal preferences. Are you looking for a cool e-bike for men, or do you opt for the elegance of an e-bike for women? Within our system, you can easily select your perfect electric bike based on the position of the motor, frame type and the number of gears. Take to the road in style and reach your destination in an instant with Vogue e-bikes.

The importance of the frame

The frame is one of the most important parts of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes. By selecting these in the right size, you prevent overloading your muscles and joints. A good sitting position provides even more comfort during the bike ride. Not sure which e-bike frame suits you best? Then visit the nearest dealer to get acquainted with the possibilities.

Find your model

Taking your children to school in the e-cargo bikeWhether taking the electric bike to the shop or cycling to work by e-bike: everyone has their own reasons for choosing Vogue e-bikes. Be surprised by the stylish models and simply select the e-bike that suits you. Visit our nearest dealer for more information and a free test drive.